Is anyone running toluene in their cars?And if so what are the results and is their any harm?Also what ratio are u using?
I used a 30% Mix of Xylene with 3OZ of Mystery Oil. 1/4 Tank of Sunoco 94 to m ix in with.

It allowed me to run about 3-3PSI more with my thrasher 92 Chip... was pushing aroun 22PSI Total.

Which Mans that based of a rule of thumb from some of our Dyno Guys 1Psi of stable boost equals about 12more HP. So, you figure I gain in the Neighborehood of 25 hp... All otherthings being equal that chould be about .025 sec and about 1or 2mph in the 1/4.

It is expenisive though, I suggest seeting it up to if you want to run it sometimes, have a seperate chip/fuel/and boost seeting on it. (Like turning up the boost a little, adding a few more PSI and putting in a 100Octane Chip) for those night when you go to the track or hunting some action. Then have a Base Fuel Pressure seeting/Boost Setting/and a 91-93 Chip to run on a daily basis.

I have to say that the Thrasher is the best chip for daily use. I haven't got the chance to try any race chips yet, but I doubt with the factory fuel system only hot wired I would want to through that much timing at my engine under 20+Psi.

Another thing to consider is the LC2 engines respond better to more boost than more timing on the norm. So, think about using the Xylene to get a little more timing and a lot more boost.