too much stall?


Jun 2, 2001
I own an 87 T. The torque converter has gone bad and will be replacing it. The car is completely stock with the exception of pump, regulator, filter. Will a 2800 stall lockup converter be too much. What type of replacement should I purchase? Looking to keep the cost down also.
Think of the future.

How long do you plan on keeping the stock turbo? A 2800 Wil be fine for now an will be great for a TE-44/TA-49 later in time. If you plan on going bigger, I would look into what stall is needed to reach your future goals. Nothing is worse than buying twice.
ive got a 2800 converter in my car and its fine. im running a ta 60 which i beleive is a tiny bit bigger than a 44. with that converter it would definately not be to much on the street, just might not be anough if you go bigger which was already stated.:D