Took the ol boy's Buick back to the track


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Oct 1, 2001
Yesterday was a great day for racing. Took the day off of work to hang out with friends and family at the track. Although the stars didn't align for us, I could definitely see the potential this car has. I am a tenth away from the car's personal best of 9.40@146mph with a problem.

First pass off the trailer I wussed out and didn't hit the 2 step I set for the launch. Let the brake go at 6psi and it was soggy off the start. I pulled 1 to 2 and heard the car lug down to 5,300rpm from a 6,800rpm shift. Pulled 2nd to 3rd and nothing happened. It was like I had a 2 speed glide in the car. Thought it was just me and my driving creating the problem, so I cleaned up the fuel map that I data logged and waited for another shot and playing it again.

2nd pass, I strapped on my big boy panties and launched the car properly on the 2 step. Paid attention this time to my shift points. Everything was the same as the first pass.

3rd and last pass, I checked tranny fluid (which was good), shifter linkage adjustment (which was good). Had a tranny guy come over and look at the car when it was up on jack stands in the pits. Showed him the video of the car and he said your going from 1st to 3rd and going out the back door that's why your not feeling the gear shift from 2 to 3, because it's already in 3rd...

Overall it was a fun day despite the issue. Not exactly ideal, but that's racing. A lot of times all you see is sun shine and roses when people post video's. Not always the case. Just because you have the right parts, doesn't mean your going to hit home runs every time out. Truth is, you need a lot of luck on your side too. But I "WILL" fix this, and I will try again, hopefully with better results.
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Nice to see a fellow Canadian representing and from Ontario to boot! Two thumbs up from Ottawa!