Torque Conv...???


boost junky
Sep 11, 2005
can someone please explain to me how to pick the right torque converter and the difference between lock up and non lock up..This is what is going to be going on the car ta 61 turbo 50 lb inj,adj fpr,just trying to find the right converter stall etc and trying to gain insight on lock up vs non lock..thanks in advance...
I'm no expert but that turbo would probably require a minimum of 2800 for street use and 3200-3500 for strip use. I've seen posts of guys talking about .I personally don't have any experience with these guys but they seem to have a 10" convertor for around $400. A NON L/U TCC is mostly for drag racing in that the clutches are always slipping somewhat.A L/U TCC will act like a standard trans locking the motor to the tranny.For street use I would definitely stay with the L/U, FWIW.
I had REALLY firm(like- TOO firm) shifts while driving normally, before installing my Vigilante(3200 stall/singledisc/LU). Now the car shifts like a Caddy, until I get on it that is!! The stall they recommended allows me to build between 4 and 12 PSI at launch, but anything over 4 just ignites my BFG DRs. The TCC still locks at 45 MPH, unless accelerating, like its supposed to. It was one of the best all around improvments I've made to the car so far.

I have almost the same combo as you w/a TT chip. I went with a Pat's Performance Converter 10in 3400 L/U on the street its docile, can barely feel it.
With my foot in it, is a whole nother story..........
Steve Chambers :D