Suggestions to upgrade from here...


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Hi all,
Newbie here. I have a 87 Grand National and just got it back on the road and running good. I will enjoy driving it through the summer but would like some recommendations on where to upgrade from my current set up. Let me know if you need more information but here is my current set up.

Cold air intake system
60 lb injectors
255 Walbro fuel pump with hotwire kit
Stock heads and intake that were ported and cleaned up by Kenny Dutwieller back in 1999
RJC Power Plate
206/206 comp cam
Dut Neck intercooler
T04 (so I was told) turbo. It has turbonetics stamped on the neck
ATR headers and exhaust system 3" downpipe
Alky control
Transmission was built by Julian (4 C's Transmission) 3000 stall non lock up converter
Turbo Tweak chip to match my current combo

Thanks for any advise and all the post!
When looking at new turbos any recommendations? I saved the Precision "cheat sheet" that was made a while back. When looking at that I was thinking that the PT5558 may be the place to start. Calling them up directly would probably solve this question pretty quick too! :)