Torque Converter Clutch Slipping?


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Jun 6, 2001
I noticed my car doesn't seem to be locking up anymore, occasionally it would feel like it would engage, but when stepping on the gas it still didn't feel locked. I tried locking it up full time (shorting the aldl connector with a paper clip). Manually shifting the shifts were harder and had a much larger rpm drop, but stepping on the gas I'd still get slippage. I've also noticed the amount it slips seems to vary. Could this just be the solenoid, or do I have bigger problems?
Thanks for any help,
Its pretty much a stock car, runs 13.3 @ 102, probably about 20k on the tranny and converter. The converter was one of Cotton's red stripes, I believe it was supposed to be a D5 equivalent. I've also never locked the converter at the track, so it wasn't like I was abusing it like that.

When my camaro's converter wouldn't lock the fluid looked pretty burnt. I had the fluid changed and now it lock every time.