torque converters


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Oct 23, 2001
Ever since i purchased my pte 44 my 60 fts have suffered 2.3 and the best being a 2.1 .Would a d5 upgraded to stall at 2800 help or would i need a smaller diameter converter.
Bruce if i went with one of your converters what would be a good stall with my current combo!
if your not spinning then with then 60's id pull the d/p or elbo whichever and make sure the puck is covering the wastegate hole.
No i was not spinning and i did check the downpipe.Its covering alright.I know you should not need a converter with the pte 44 but having a precision housing maybe there is a little lag and a 2800 stall will help.thanks John!
I have run a TE-44 with a stock D-5 converter and gotten 1.50 short times on 9" slicks. This car also has Hooker headers which are supposed to hurt bottom end.
Maybe your alcohol is coming on a little early and hurting your spool up??

Good luck,

Paul Beal