Torque convertor


3 turbos,no money
Aug 16, 2010
Any advise please: My 87GN powered sand rail(pics in B4B) has but one flaw: a good conv. It currently has an old K-B 9in. lock up conv.(1990 vintage)
This conv. works good on the road,but on the starting line it will not flare any higher than 1850RPM without "pushing" the car through the lights. To make matters worse,it has no power assist on brakes and weighs only 1780lbs.
Sand rail has CNC dual master cylinder(great on the road) and uses a Riv. GM
325-4L trans. I have heard a Vigalante conv for a 200-4R reguires internal
mods to use it. I am afraid no mods can be made to the 325-4L to use it.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.Skidman.