torque specs on heads

As you can see by the many responses, this simple question is like a secret. I've asked before and didn't get much feedback. I torqued my heads to 80 lbs with ARP bolts and some folks torque higher. Most of us don't run 14 lbs of boost anymore. I don't like the 60 and I don't think many others do either even though "it's a secret". I've had no problems with the higher number.
i see, the heads and bolts are bone stock, i also run the stell shim head gasket to if this helps. I just want to find out before i put the valve covers back on again.

Well I'm no expert but I torqued mine down in 10# increments, loosening a 1/4 turn 3 more times in the next two days and retightening them (the car was not started no tranny at the time) to 85#s. I was using stock irons felpro 9441s, and ARP bolts. So far mine has held with out a problem. Good luck man
are you planning on running "high" boost (lets say over 20 lbs)?

if so, ARP bolts or studs and 85 ft lbs would be appropriate

I dunno about stock bolts and steel shims.......I do know that if you run high boost at 60 ft lbs, those gaskets will leak.......

(as I said, I don't know how the stock TTY will hold up at 85.....)
I hope you re using new bolts, cause the stock TTY bolts are not supposed to be used over again-they re probably stretched.