Total Insanity!


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Feb 4, 2004

I'm really getting into this whole open road racing idea in addition to the normal drag racing stuff. I know you can refine a 4 link live rear axle into handling well or step up to the GNX torque arm setup. But I like the idea of Independent rear suspention. I did a search and there is scant little mention of this on the board with the last posting being almost 2 years ago. I did a web search and found a guy dropping a C4 IRS into a Datsun 240Z (http://www.****************/members/scottiegnz/vette-irs-swap.htm, thanks scottie) with very detailed instructions on how to get it to fit and narrow it. But I've heard the weak point of the C4 unit is its ring and pinion setup even the Dana 44 can't take the abuse, but then again the Callaway "Sledgehamer" 1000hp Corvette used one with upgraded driveshafts and U-joints. The Ford 8.8 IRS setup has the ring and pinion durability solved but uses cv shafts instead of the C4's axles and U joints and looks like it would a nightmare to narrow from its stock 64.75" hub to hub distance due to its double A-arm design. The C4 unit is 63" hub to hub, but from the 240Z project looks pretty easy to narrow down to 60" which is the same width as the 12 bolts people stuff in. Has anyone actually done this? I've got access to one for way cheap and I'm starting with a G-body with a piddly 7.5" 10 bolt anyway. Any comments, suggestions, tips or refferals to a plush local asylmn?