Toughest Bracket Racers are at Barona!

Alky V6

Let's go racing, boyz!
Jul 29, 2001
If you come to Barona to compete in the brackets, you'd better be prepared. We have some of the best racers in the nation. Barona being out numbered at the NHRA Pacific Division E.T. Challenge, beat up on the competition and came out on top in the Sportsman division. Congradulations to Gary Hairfield.

At the NHRA Summit Racing Series Race of Champions where the winners of all the different divisions compete for the national title, again, Gary Hairfield comes out on top. He races a stock 2005 GTO.

Barona is an 1/8 mile track and we beat up on the 1/4 mile guys. :cool: What's with that? :confused: :biggrin: