Track times on new setup. Help me find my bottleneck!

Didn’t have time to read everything but you don’t have enough data to know what’s really going on. 3.23 is way too much with the power level you’re at and especially if using a bias ply slick. I wouldn’t expect gains with 3.23 until the engine is spending a lot of time over 5800. The 16 blade is likely aggravating it. You likely aren’t getting enough manifold pressure in 1st and 2nd where it’s really needed to move the heavy car with too tall gearing. A properly plumbed external wastegate with some smart control and some changes to the converter, gears and weight of the car could net several mph and more than half a second on the next outing. The suspension will need to be totally different to handle the power it should be making. 93/alky isn’t a good fuel choice when trying to run a turbo that’s going to have a lot of drive pressure is used. It just makes the compressor work a lot harder to move air and increases charge air temp and drive pressure which both reduce mass flow. We always saw big gains with larger diffusers using compressor wheels that are capable of moving 90lbs/min or more of air. Speed density would also likely be very beneficial here

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Thanks for the reply Bison. I was using the new to me MT Pro Bracket Radial and really liked them over my old bias ply Hoosiers. I’m gonna have to figure out how to make the combo work with the 3.23s though. With a NL converter and and 25.6” tall tires on the street they are ideal to me. Maybe MT will make a 27x10 Pro Bracket radial in the future.

I sent Dusty a PM but haven’t heard back. I may need to call and see what he thinks. Maybe moving back to a 17 blade would be beneficial since it seems to have similar coupling compared to my 16 but wouldn’t sacrifice the hit down low as much.

Boost is lower (24-26) down low compared to 29 up top. I have considered an Eboost controller to help ramp it up quicker and higher in low gear and not having to run it at 34 psi up top to get the boost to hit harder down low. A properly plumbed external wastegate setup may be in my future but I’m not sure I want to do it to stock headers at this time even though they have been repaired correctly.

I do plan on an SD2 chip in the next month or so along with a 3.5” or 4” intake setup. I will see if it gains at all. Thanks again for your reply.

not at all.may be a bit stubborn but i can handle it;)all kidding aside that rear gear is a recipe on much lighter cars or cars that make alot more power.heavier cars need more fuel especially when the gear is pulled out and on a turbo buick motor the rpm s climb to slowly inmo which is why it has a very linear pull or endless pull with a combo like yours.large turbine wheels,larger ex housings,heavy car and a slower rpm climb rate hurts the cars when your trying to et them,if your car was 800lbs lighter you would have a big smile looking at your ticket.

Haha I’ll admit to the stubborn part for sure. 800 lbs? Hell I’d be happy for the car to lose 200 (and myself to lose 30) lol.
I drove it to work today and low and behold my wideband got lazy right off the bat and rarely moved off 14.7 even when drowning it with alky while idling. Its only a few weeks old. I may switch to another wideband unit overall and relocate the sensor to the lowest point of the downpipe I can near the heater box in the engine compartment. Right now its down before the testpipe at the bottom of the downpipe and seems to die often. So who knows what the real air/fuel was during the runs if the sensor was reading incorrectly. This explains the BLM spike, lean spike, narrowband actually going up at the top of 3rd and the higher than expected duty cycle. At least when the sensors die they usually read lean lol.