May 5, 2005
Just wondering how much better the traction is on the average prepped track compared to launching on the street. On the street launching with about 2-3 lbs of boost I can blow away the drag radials, Im planning on going to the track soon and wondering how much of a difference it will make. thanks

On a well prepped track I can launch at 12# - 14# off of the foot brake (that's all I can hold) and on occaision lift the front left tire. On the street a 5# launch and the tires go up in smoke. My first hard launch at the track, my rear-view mirror flew off and landed on the package tray!

A well prepped track is so sticky, it will almost pull your shoes off. :eek:
Hmm..,, around 28 psi ...i know when i go to the track I will have to drop it down,,, just thought I would wear out these things by running really low on the street..I fwas just looking at a powerlogger file and on the street I left at around 4# and absdolutely smoked the tires....i will try dropping the psi...thanks
Are u doing a burnout on the street, before the launch? With low air pressure ur car should hook hard on the street.
no no burnout on the street..will be going to the track in a few weeks and will post back on how it turns out..
out by me at the track with 18psi in the tires launching about 10 psi, the tires spun a bit. I dropped em down to 15psi and launched about the same and they dead hooked and my moon roof door slide all the way mirror stayed on tho, lol. :)