Trade 86 GN "built" project for running nice 86/87 GN "stockish" in PA.


Car Audio and Electronics guy.
Jun 6, 2001
I've had this car since 2001. Bought it off a (insert expletive) in Yardley Pa so he could fund his 70's Buick GS project. The car needed paint,body work but it had 67k. "Tim" wouldn't let me drive it on the test drive since I was a 21yo kid and there were lots of cops hiding in the bushes in Yardley at 9pm.... Long story short, I bought it anyway. Drove it straight home and immediately did a full paint and interior resto as the car was too ugly to drive! I wouldn't be the guy that got blamed for letting a GN fall into such disrepair! Within 500 miles the trans smoked due the 2-3 flareup (insert expletive) hid from me and well as whatever else 2004r's do..and I overrevved the motor while merging on 95 by Newtown exit. I took it apart to build the motor and trans with a $3-4k budget (haha, yeah right) amongst 2 of my dad's good friends. They BOTH died and parts got lost. I really lost faith. Then I shelved the project, built 10+ other cars and now I have everything done and ready to drop in. But time, resources and the fact I'm a car audio/electronics guy NOT a mechanic makes me not really head over heels into the project at this point. Plus it also brings up some other bad memories along the way.

I'm looking to trade for a super clean under 100k mile 86/87 GN or T-Type (weirder the color the better!) No Limiteds or bench/column cars. Prefer hardtops. Must have nice paint and no rust buckets. $15k-20k cars, not $7k......I have $10k in my engine alone.

It comes down to the fact I built a ridiculous car and now I don't want a ridiculous car. I want a nice car that I can install some springs/shocks, tint the windows and mount my restored HRE's.

86 GN Hardtop
power windows,locks,cruise,rear defog, UM6 Cassette (I have a UX1 and concert sound setup to include) and power seat. all other standard GN stuff.
No rust, was painted IMRON black metallic with all NEW GM emblems. Needs fillers now of course. I'm including the $450 GM repros. Not the $150 plastic junk. Will need painted and installed. Seat covers were new and mint. Have been in dark garage since 2001 so still mint. The headliner is falling again. A/C had fresh 134a conversion then. Who knows. Viper Remote start alarm installed back then by me haha (still my profession!) and Pioneer 6cd changer. Nice car because only wiring mods were the remote start system period! I also found an aluminum rear bumper reinforcement, and a super rare Canadian diesel front bumper bracket set. Basically just straps! The car also has the aluminum rear brake drums but I may take them...

FRESH motor assembled by Lozenzo's fastflow. O miles.
Number's matching block.
Ported and Polished heads with Manley extreme Valves
Comp Cams 269HR roller cam,lifters
Comp cam HD valve springs
Harland Sharp Roller rockers 1.5
RJC valvecover extensions to clear rockers
Diamond Forged Pistons
Eagle Forged crank (one of 20 reproduced)
Eagle I beam rods
ARP rodbolts
ARP headstuds
RJC Girdle w/ARP mainstuds
TA center billet maincaps
NEW GM front cover with melling HO oil pump
Taylor 409 wires
Postons LED cam sensor
new motor mounts included

Rebuilt Art Carr 200-4r with all the billet upgrades. $3500+ trans
new in box Pat's 3200 stall convertor.
New mount included.

Standard GN rear with all new brake components (should've done the S-10 cylinders!) Moser axles, and an Eaton Pro Series Posi. Out of another car I built (olds cutlass), maybe 3k miles? Sorry, I don't have original.

Suspension: Boxed rear control arms, f41 rear sway bar and energy suspension urethane full body mount kit (excluding front control arm bushings...but they're included!)

stock turbo.
intercooler stock.
stock injectors
stock headers
ported stock intake manifold
modded doghouse to force air to back cylinders evenly.
(I was going for a 500-600 hp high boost street sleeper.)

What the car needs:
engine/trans installed.
fillers painted and installed (or full repaint back to black if you hate the metallic.)
big turbo
big intercooler
big injectors
fuel system upgrade

Everything is there, great winter project for a ridiculous street car by Spring. I'd be happy with a clean 13-second car rather than a 9 second monster potential I've assembled. I don't ever see myself making this car the monster it should be. Great car to build since it's already apart and you're not molesting a nice stock car!

NOTHING IS FOR SALE! CAR WILL NOT BE PARTED. CAR IS NOT FOR SALE. I'd appreciate keeping criticism to a minimum. Any serious questions through PM would be cool. Car is in Newtown PA 18940

I may add $$$$ on top to the right car since if I keep this car, I'm looking at another $5-7k to get it to it's potential.
I think you need to read the rules for this specific section. I see where you want to trade for a car in the $15k-20k range, but to post an add in this section you need to post a price on the car as is. If not, then the post goes bye bye. No exceptions.