Trade for GN

I have a 2003 GMC 2500HD 6.0 extended cab 4x4 with 168,000 miles I am interested in trading for a GN. Any takers? The truck was used by a guy who drove it back and forth from Missouri to Iowa every week, that's why the high mileage. The truck is worth around $11,500 but to someone needing it or wanting to trade, it might be worth more. It's got new tires on all four corners and I just spent $600 on new rotors and new brakes all around. The engine is tight and has no noises. The truck drives like new. It has am/fm stero, cruise and A/C with the automatic, manual windows and locks.
It has the heavy duty trailering package and the snow plow package. This thing was made to haul!. The body, mainly the bed, has dents up on top where stuff was tossed in and out of the truck. Most could be covered with bed rail covers. It's an extended cab where all four doors open as well. Everything works great and it has tons of torque. I recently pulled a Jeep cherokee with it on a tow dolly and it was effortless. Here are some pics:







If you have interest, please PM, email me or call me 573-330-4347 email is