TRAILBLAZER SS Anyone got one!!??!!


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Apr 3, 2003
If so how do ya like it??? Gas mileage?? Any comments!! ..went today an drove a RWD blk one.. This trk got up an was gone pretty good.. For any one not up on theses they have the same LC2 as in the Vette an GTO rated @ 390 HP an 400 TQ.. Sticker was $38,600.. Guy went down to $30,160 with red tag sale an rebate.. Bad thing is they are all standard with 4.10 gears which helps in the take off department but sucks ont he gas issue... On a side not I hate it when I know more about cars then the salesman.. I had one guy ask me why I painted my GN white... ?????? Can you say dduuurreeeeee
Does the SS have any suspension upgrades?? Lowered? Stiffer springs and shocks? Better sway bars?

I have a 2002 Trailblazer and really like the way it rides, but for it to be sporty, the ride would have to stiffen up a bit.

Gotta take a ride down to the dealership one of these days.
It has the ZQ8 suspension package larger sway bars an bilsteins an its lowered like 2"... It handled very well... Only concern I have is the MPG with the 4.10 gear. I am sure it will tow the ole Tr on a trailor nicely ..
we have one on order they do not come out till january avalable with lots of options 2 wheel or awd leather or cloth kinda nice but time will tell..
I asked our sales manager about when we were due to get our first one(s): dude looked at me like a dog staring a a ceiling fan!!!! "getting a WHAT??"??
There out now!! I drove 2 of them today a blk 2WD an a Summit White AWD.. Both are in the red tag pricing aka suppliere discount an a 2500 rebate or special financing... With rebate it was 32,500 or 30,000 @ 6.9% for 72 months..You know this offer is not guaranteed when you take delivery in January. If it is even still in effect, but it may be cause GM is in the shambles right now. They are going to laf off 3,000 employees in the next 5 yrs... Hell they are even having special financing on CORVETTES @ 7.9% up to 72 months. This HAS never happen before I think!!
Apparently this dealer is ahead of the curve!! Except that one guy whot wanted to know why I painted my GN white he was a total dumb azz :rolleyes: They also had 2 Z06's. an there was somy yupps there looking. I wish I could have lined up against them on there test drive... Show them what a old regal can do to a 75K vette.. The trailblazer is a really nice release... Kinda like a Typhoon with a V8 if you got the AWD.. Had a nice burble to it too even witht he 55 gal muffler on back..
big selling dealers always get the good stuff first we are just a little dealer we havent even got a cobalt SS yet i am very suprised we got a order for the trailblazer SS.
A friend just bought a silver one, the 8th one off the assembly line. The local dealer got 3 of the first 20. I was impressed with how it ran. Too bad it shuts off at 130, it could be really fun from a roll. The truck's still pulling hard at 130 when it shuts down. They look really good lowered with the 20's, new grill and rear bumper cover. No side moulding or roof rack. I do wish it had a true dual exhaust system. The factory sound is nice but needs more muscle. A dry 125 shot and a good converter would be my next mods :)

I think the mileage is advertised at 17 city but the way you drive Chris, you might get 12.
Well today went shopping some more an found a white one with blk leather that was very sweet.. You'd think witht he current situation with GM thattheses sellsman would be leaning more toward willing an dealing.. Sticker was $38,600 fully loaded an he went down to 33,600 out the door with the current rebate an my supplier discount "Goodyear".. If I can get him to 32,000 out the door we might have a deal... Well the salesman was pretty cool so I asked him if i could see what it would do from a standpoint. "sure" in turn I turned the Traction Control off an power breaked it to around 3000 RPM an in turn left some nice blk marks an it was pretty impressive.. For you purist's out there if i'm gonna paythis much for a smaller SUV I want to know that those 4.10's will spin those 20's. An there was not a problem there @ all. Truck handles very well I would say comparable to the C5 I had before.. I just keep having theses images of it hauling the TR on a white trailor.. Wife wants another SUV an I like power seems like it might be the best of both worlds... Dusty can we put a turbo on this??? Maybe a 70mm..
RUQWKNF27 said:
I just keep having theses images of it hauling the TR on a white trailor.. Wife wants another SUV an I like power seems like it might be the best of both worlds... Dusty can we put a turbo on this??? Maybe a 70mm..

Bring it on. I'll build a kit for it but if you want to tow with it I'd rather put magna charger on it.
I work for GM as well....these things haul ass! Unfortunately, my store will only get two of them. One more thing we should be on the lookout for...2007 turbo Solstice ;)
I just bought one sight unseen. The dealer is going pick it up tomorrow morning and I should have it after lunch. $30700 with the red tag, sticker was 37K. Not fully loaded, but close. Has pretty much everything but the memory seats, I think. How fast are these things supposed to be? I figure high 13's. Does that sound right?
I can't wait to check one out! I have been waiting for them. Supposedly they are 0-60 less than 6 sec. So pretty close to a Typhonn, yet these new trucks have their full tow capacity!

I really want a CTS-V, but with red tag that is a hard deal to pass up on a SS. Might have to wait another year due to money! LOL
Well I just saw a 6.1 Litre 420HP 420 TQ Hemi SRT Jeep Cherokee an man this is smooth !!! I likethe body a lot better then the Trailblazer an the wheels look like the ole IROC Z wheels but in 20's.. Man right when you think you got it narrowed down you see something else!! :confused:
Inferior Chrysler product, I don't think you can tow with it (center mounted exhaust) Looks good, though.