Trans longevity


Brutal 6 Racing
Sep 4, 2001

This question is mostly directed to Bruce but if any other trans builders want to put in their $.02 I'd appreciate it.

I'm having a problem with trans longevity in my current combo. The car runs consistent 10.20's-10.30's and is very heavy (3700lbs with driver). I've got all the good high dollar stuff in there including billet parts, additional frictions, super servo, deep pan blah, blah,yadda, yadda.

The transmission works very well and lasts for a while (12-15 passes+ regular street duty) then begins to flare the 2-3 shift. When we dissassembled it this last time everything (band, direct clutch pack, OD clutch pack was on it's way out although there was no clutch material in the pan.

Is there anything that can be done to further upgrade my trans or is it time for something else? Also how much line pressure can you get away with at idle and WOT before the car wants to start off in 2nd gear. I ask this question because I think this is an area where we might be able to get some greater clamping force with higher press.

Thanks for any insight.


What line are you running now? I like to see 150 or so and 300 at wot. ( @155 it will try to start in sec.) In that application it would be critical. I would like to know exactly what parts are being used, and the clearences at which they are being set. See , you do not seem to be breaking parts, you seem to be slipping them. I really think you are on the right track. I would like to get more insight tho, before I open my trap. :) Give me a call when you get the chance with a list of what you have done. Have you run a line pressure ck as of yet? If you have. please have that info ready also. :)

I have some line pressure #'s from before which might shed some light on our problem. If my memory serves me correctly currently I have a line press of 75psi at an idle and 220psi at WOT. These #'s sound low based on those you just stated.

I had been told by my builder as well as one other that line pressure in excess of 85psi would cause the car to start off in 2nd gear. It sounds like this is a misconception.

We were going to block the line bias valve but were concerned about increasing the pressure regulator spring tension for the reason stated above. If it's possible to run much more press without any downsides that's great.

BTW, do you sell a heavy duty line pressure spring that would suit this application? Thanks for the info. I'll give you a call.