Trans pan cork gasket; install dry or w/silicone?

So back to this thread with an update. Car running just fine so far, trans was shifting 1-4 way to fast under light foot. Pulled speedo cable and found an orange stock plastic gear, my local expert mentioned it should be green due to my 373 gears. So off came the pan. I only had 1 spring on the gov but forgot if it was on light or heavy weight so I put it back on the light weight, hope thats right??

To keep it short of these two gaskets DURAPRENE / FARPAK brand Fiber Pan Gasket -- Fits 200-4R Automatic Transmissions | eBay and I'm leaning towards the felpro. Going to use a small very thin layer of cooper sealant due to the surfaces on the aftermarket pan not being completely flat.

Does anyone make a reusable trans gasket? I have a feeling this wont be the last time that pan comes off, I may need and/or want to do some gov tuning to get it "just right".

Any thoughts?