translator + and chip question


Aug 7, 2004
Hey everyone quick question for you all. I picked up a translator plus this past summer but have not hooked it up yet also bought a 3.5 ls1 maf. I'm curious about how the extender chips work. I've been using erics chips so far and love them . I'm about to upgrade my injectors from my current 42.5 to 60 motrons. I know I need another chip and want to go with erics again cause he can set it up for my alky system. But how does an extender chip work does it replace the ecm chip or is it a seperate thing . any info appreciated before I spend more cash thanks..
I went from a brand x chip to an Extender extreme in my fast car. The car idled better, got better gas mileage, didn't stall when I turned the air on, and didn't run pig rich anymore. I absolutely love it. Call Mike at Full Throttle. He should be able to hook you up with something for the alky.
The extender is a replacement chip that goes in the ECM. Its basically a complete rewrite of the code that is stored in the ECM/chip and allows the MAF to read double of what it could stock (basically by mutlipling/dividing the signal by 2) to determine the fueling.
I'm sure it can be customer ordered for alky....better yet, get a Gen2 with wideband O2 feedback and the extender and it auto adjusts the AF when the alky is on or off!