Translator Plus and 60/65lber Chips


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May 25, 2001
I have a Translator +(adjustable timing and fuel) that has been barely used.Works perfect with instructions.I also have an extender and Turbotweak chips for 60/65lbers i will throw in with instructions also..I went XFI...I take paypal.. $180 shipped.Thanks
pics for those who asked..


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Interested in Translator and especially chip if it's non alky.

Need a 60lb chip asap.
I'd be interested in the alchy chip if you want to sell it seperately....Just let me know what combo it was burned for....:cool:
830 pm

Did you hear back from him yet...If not...I have paypal and payment is waiting.

I would be interested in The translator and both chips.


I see that you sold you translator - thanks for waiting as long as you could. I was out of town and did not have access to my computer.

I would have to had to pass at this time anyway.

I am glad you got them sold.

Thanks again