Transmission Cooler placement ?


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Dec 18, 2009
I am going to upgrade my intercooler to a FMIC so I am thinking of moving my trany cooler from in front of the condenser to just in front of the stock intercooler fan. What do you guys think, will the fan move enough air through the cooler, to maintain proper temps, in stop and go traffic. Thanks, Kyle.
I went more extravagant

I ram aired it with its own fan for bumper to bumper traffic, (its on the left) the center scoops the Oil cooler an Rad. lower inlet,the rights AirFilter flow.
I'm running a FMIC in my GN,an I went with the ram charger fans an a radiator box in kit.I think that's what its called,it directs air threw the grill an the fmic an so on helps a lot an now my temps stay around 190-210 hope this helps.
I mounted mine right in the center between the two air dams and under/behind the license plate.

trans cooler.JPG
You really want it pointing forward so you get max air flow, pointing it down, even with a fan is pretty useless. I'd try and get it in front of the front mount.