Transmission Pressure Test Gauges


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I never do this but in the last week I have had dozens of calls asking for test gauges. Until now I have directed them to a local supply house but people are still having trouble finding.
So today , at the request of a customer, I went ahead and put together a kit.

Included are:

1) 1/8th pipe 90 degree to #4an fitting. this is what attaches to the port on trans. We send a cap so when you are done you do not have to unscrew from case , just cap.

2) 0-400 PSI liquid filled precise gauge with a gauge "condom" which prevents damage if dropped.

3) 5.5 ft of 2500 psi metal wire inserted hydraulic hose. Go ahead , leave on prob.

4) Imperial Eastman crimped #4an swivel fitting. Makes hook up a clean and easy task.

ck out pics at :

$79.99 .... (+ freight)
Introductory offer. Only made up 5
Can make up more.
Ideal kit, and it is EXACTLY what you need to perform tests , both reliably and precise.

I'm going against my creed here but it is not my product and too many people seem to have a need, and have been calling asking for these. This, I think, will help all diagnois their problems, whoever they are dealing with.


hey what about us geeks who want an indash gauge? lol sory i havent goten back to you sooner as i have tried, anyway i just got my car out of the paint shop and applying to a college, so im extremely broke. i'll try again next week.
Originally posted by Rick
Does it come with the Snoopy blanket??

Yes it does. Snoopy blanket is $199.99 and the gauge is free.

Rick, you did say you wanted all 4 forward gears didn't you?



Thats a GREAT deal, I'll be callin ya on Monday! Reason I want to test mine is cause its the
Original 97,000 mile stocker (with an Art Carr shift kit installed back in '94) and shifts and
generally behaves perfect!!! With literally Hundreds of 12.teen, to 11.90's passes on it
(Motor & rear have been totally rebuilt) and the ONLY thing I can find "wrong" with the trans
is that when I back it out of the garage on a very cold morning(below 45degrees), the first
time I put it into reverse I get a LOUD CLANK out out it (U-Joints & Dshaft are perfect), and
after that its quiet when put in reverse later on! I religiously change the fluid & filter every
4000 or so miles, and the pan is always clean, VERY VERY small amout of black residue on
the magnet.
SO....thats why I want to test the pressures...its HARD to believe that its NOT time for a
rebuild, but it would be nice if I could get another season out of her as I continue the rest of
the cars restification!!
LOL!! I can be a smart alec now that I know my trannie is in Cinnci, but then again I better shut up, I don't want to suddenly void the warrany!!:D