Transmission Shop



Who is good at rebuilding my transmission in or near Orlando? i've got a 87 GN BRF code 200r4. i want to find somebody that's not going to mess it up. And not try to switch the valve body. I've heard some bad stories of people thinking they knew these transmissions and didn't do a good job or switched parts on them. thanks
I had mine done in Ocala, at Victory Trans. I talked to Rich and his son Tony a couple times, at long length, before i was comfortable with taking my business there. I had heard and experienced the local shops and their claims to "know" our trannies needs. Well, 7 months later and a dozen or so passes and it still performs like it did when i picked it up.
He owns a GN himself which made me alittle more comfortable, even though he now runs a TH400.

Hope this helps,
anybody else? looking to check out a few before i get the tranny rebuilt.
Yeah, I'm sure my dad would love to help you out. Give him a call at the shop........ 352-873-3343, ask for Rich