Transmission swap?

I think this may be the wrong board to post this on, because most all of us are based on performance automatics (200-r4), and i don't believe any g-body ever came with a manual, so the clutch pedals and such might be a problem!
Good Luck,Dan
You're kind of out of luck on that one. As far as factory stuff goes you'd have to find yourself a 1992 W-body with the 3.4 DOHC. That was the only year, only model to use a 5 speed with the correct bellhousing bolt pattern. Its a Getrag designed transaxle very similar to the one used behind a Quad4 engine. In other words you cant put to much torque through it. I think I read somewhere that GM only kicked out about 200-300 cars with that option, so happy hunting. Plus what are you going to do for a flywheel? There are no stick flywheels for the 3800. You'd have to have that one custom made. Make sure you grab the shifter and cables if you do manage to find one of those transaxles.