Trigger wheel sensor bracket


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Jan 24, 2011
I'm adding a 36-1 trigger wheel to my build and needed to fab up some type of mounting bracket for the sensor.
The sensor has to be 6 teeth before the "missing" tooth. My mistake was putting the missing tooth right a the TDC timing mark. I mounted the trigger wheel to the balancer that way and that is how I had it balanced (so I can't really move it now).

Anyway, the sensor had to be in a specific location without a good way to mount it. This is what I was able to come up with. Once it is tightened down, there isn't any movement at all.


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MS3 Pro EVO is the plan. I just want to get it to run, then I'll take it to a real tuner/ dyno to get things dialed in.
are you able to send the save template to me so i can have my local waterjet cut me one to fit my balancer?
I don't have the template, I basically just described it to the waterjet guy and he cranked it out in just a few minutes. First one was a screwup (teeth too long), but second one came out fine. I can get the the actual dimensions I used, or I can send you this one and you can hand it to him as an example. I should have been more careful about what tooth I removed and the location. I think the crank sensor is supposed to be 6 teeth after the gap (missing tooth). I put my gap at the TDC mark and that restricted the location where I could mount the sensor. In hindsight, I would have figured out a good place to mount the sensor, and then removed the tooth to make it all match up.


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