Triple Contest Mecum Florida Auction

Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
This next contest involves three vehicles that are going to be at the Mecum Florida auction the week of January 6th through the 15th, 2017. You can go on Mecum’s website and go the specific day to see photos of each of the three vehicles for this contest.

The contest is based on these three vehicles -

A - The 15,000-mile Grand National is listed for Thursday, January 12th Lot T-126.
B - The Morris Mini Minor Tow Truck is listed for Friday, January 13th Lot F-132.
C - The GNX 547 is also listed on Friday, January 13th Lot F-155.

Two of the vehicles have no reserve price. The GNX 547, Lot F-155, is the only one that does have a reserve.
Your guess must be the closest UNDER the posted selling price.
If the GNX 547 does not reach the reserve, we are looking for the guess closest to the last bid.
I call this the triple billing contest.
You can win one, two or all three contests.
In each case your guess must be the closest under the actual posted selling price.


Your one single guess for each of the three vehicles must be in one single email directly to me

Copy and paste the three cars into a single email. I have them listed as A, B, and C. Note your guess next to each letter. Make sure you code your guess by the proper letter A,B or C.
A - $
B - $
C - $

Reference Mecum Auction Contest in email reference line.
You must email me direct your one guess for each of the three noted vehicles, GNX 547, 1987 Grand National with 15,000 original miles, and the 1961 Morris Mini Minor Tow Truck.
Your email guesses must be emailed to me no later than Sunday, January 8th, 2017, 6 pm eastern time.
In case of a tie, the earliest received email entry is the winner. With three different chances to win prizes, we are only awarding the first entry closest to the actual price the vehicle sells for or the posted price if it’s the GNX which has a reserve. In other words, there is no second place!

The winner in each category receives a Kirban Performance Products Gift Certificate for $50 good against any of our website parts. Plus a custom-made maple wood pen case (see Photo 1 in this weeks inenr circle on our website 12-21-2016.

If the same winner has the closest guess for two of the vehicles they get two different maple wood pen with pen case, $75 certificate good for any of our website parts.

The big prize is if the same person guesses the closest on all three vehicles - besides getting the two different pen and cases $100 certificate for any of our website parts, that winner will also get an original GNX book still factory sealed in the box. The GNX book is valued at over $150!

Contest is open to everyone except those connected to any of the various Turbo Regal companies. Let the games begin! Good luck players!

Sorry for the long write up but I want to make sure everyone understands the rules and the fact you are guessing on 3 vehicles 2 have no reserve one (GNX 547) does have a reserve. Only answered emailed to me direct will be in the contest. I don't want to confuse this with Mr Cruzs contest. The reason for the tow truck in the contest is because for 20 plus years I owned a towing business.