Spoolfool Winter contest. Free! whatever the heck you want.


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Things are starting to slow down for the winter. Lets keep the fun meters and this site going strong.

The contest: "Why aren't you out driving your Turbo Buick?" Must post a picture(s). Don't want to hear no excuses, whining, or even words! Pics ONLY!
Must be PG rated. Best photo will win your choice of some proven or rare spoolfool products.

Spoolfool's One piece rear bumper filler.
Spoolfool's Front bumper fillers.
Spoolfool's New Drip-Lip.
Spoolfool's One or three piece spoiler.
Spoolfool's Turbo shield. https://turbobuick.com/threads/spoolfool-alum-turbo-shield.409332/
Spoolfool's Carbon fiber (or which ever you want) radiator hold down. http://www.spoolfoolproductions.com/our-products/
Spoolfool's "discontinued" magnetic quarter panel protectors.

All my products can be seen on my website. www.spoolfoolproductions.com
Feel free to post multiple pictures. Winner(s) ;) will be picked between Christmas and New years, or whenever I run out of eggnog. :eek:

Happy Spooling.

Mike Barnard
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