New Spoolfool contest for new product. Need ideas.


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Gorgeous indeed!

Thanks but apparently not gorgeous enough lol

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Here's another idea.
Fiberglass one piece drivers side air dam with ram air hole for cold air intake setups.
Like the old school Kenne Bell one, but with better Spoolfool technology.
I'd definitely buy one of those in a heart beat.


The wheels have been turning in my head for many years on how to make a better cold air intake, without being restrictive.
IMHO, you can't beat Mark Hueffman's Big Mouth air intake. It just looks clean and works well.
There is room to do an air box in our cars. Instead of a single cone shaped filter inside, there may be gains doing multiple modern (4ish) stock style filters. mount them at angles to each other inside the air box. Sort of like you'd build a card house. This would maximize airflow and space needed.
I ran his setup on my last car and liked it. This time I made my own using Spectre thick wall aluminum elbows and a 4" filter that came with my GN1 Perf CAI. Sure it adds weight, but it's also sturdy. Honestly, I just need the air dam, some way to block radiator/intercooler bounce off air from hitting the filter and a very short piece of hose to feed it. I will hold out for one of yours in the future. Also, I for one am looking forward to seeing your newest products. :cool:
How about carbon front fenders...
I believe the outer fender would be a very limited market. The inner fenders might have a market. Do something really clean and smooth. There have been a hand full of one off aluminum ones, but I don't think anyone's done a production run. They would be expensive to ship. I have pondered this idea for years. With less cars getting modified into race cars, the market has gotten even smaller. As of right now, all the big manufacturers (Goodmark, Classic Ind) are going after the original parts.