New Spoolfool contest for new product. Need ideas.


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I always like to do a fun contest whenever I come up with some crazy new idea. I've been selling my new Drip-Lips for a few months now.
So far, I've had 100% positive feedback. Here's the link.
I will say that this product should have been done many years ago, as it should benefit 80% of Turbo Buicks on the road.

The contest: Photo caption, trivia, something new? I'm looking for ideas here kids. Any fresh ideas? I'm into stupid stuff. Just looking to promote this site, a cool new product and to have some fun.

Oh yea. I made up a few "special" carbon fiber Drip-Lips just for this give away. :cool:
They tip the scales at only 13 Oz. This is a very very limited Spoolfool product.


I might also mention that full sets of my Bumper filers are now discounted 40 bucks to $700.00. I'll try to get it posted on my web site this week.

Well! Ideas for a fun contest?

Mike B.
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fiberglass dash speaker plate , yes they make a repro of the gm but it warps right up in the sun ..go one better and make it lip over top edge of dash for those with a split dash top seam toward windshield
Picture of the nasties diaper under a Turbo Buick (for catching oil leaks or whatever else)

I really want one of those carbon fiber drip lip things!!! sweet.
I will decide on a contest by tomorrow. I've invited Denis Kirban to put in his two cents as to how to do a fun contest.
We may do one in a Kirban trivia question and one in a photo contest. I have a couple to give away.
Still looking for ideas.
How about making a fiberglass outside bumper cover to replace the steel shell. This way I could still have some crash protection from the inner support, keep the rigidity of tying the frame together and get a cleaner looking bumper without having a body shop getting involved. The cleaner bumper is really what I am after:)
I got a good one

Try a new console design that is modular to accept different types of shifters/ switch panels/ gauge holders etc.

Bet it would be a great product
I like the ideas on the new products. It really has the wheels in my head turning. However, I'm still looking for ideas for a contest.
Today's new cars have trim panels that wrap under the body's sheet metal to conceal the lower frame rails.

When I used to stand back and look at my Buick's profile it drove me nuts that I had to look at that ugly frame rail and it forced me to bust out the spray paint and cardboard to throw a little black satin on it to keep it looking fresh.

I got sick of doing it.

So I fabbed up some trim strips using flexible vinyl base.

Sounds cheesy but I took my time and did it right. It almost looks like a subtle continuation of the front air damn all around the car. I even tapered it right to the rear bumper to hide the crimp and blend it directly into the bumper filler. A little Armor-All every now and then and it reads like a new car.

Hardly noticeable, but it makes for a clean finish. Everyone who sees it asks me where they could get those pieces.

How about something like this?

Zoom in around the sides for a better view.



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What about a new style dash plaque above the glovebox that has a back light in it like the limiteds had? Could have a Turbo 6 symbol and say Buick or even this sites logo, something neutral that would appeal to both GN owners and T owners. It’s been discussed before but no one seems to have vacuform abilities. So do it different, lay it in fiberglass with a clear lense around the outside or in the center to backlight the logos?
Contest #1 Starting now. For one Carbon fiber Drip-Lip.
Best picture of a Turbo Buick which includes an American flag. Winner will be picked on or just after the 4th of July.
Post em up here.

Contest #2 Starting now. For one Carbon fiber Drip-Lip.
Best engine compartment. No race cars, LS stuff or other people's cars.
Must be YOUR Turbo Buick. Not looking for Spoolfool parts. Looking for new ideas. Inspire me (and others here) with your vision and be rewarded with one of my own creations.

It's these kind of creative juices that made this site great and will keep it great.

Here's my engine bay.:)

GN engine, brushed alt 038.JPG

Note: I do give extra points for Turbo Lou sheep stickers. ;)
All your products that I have seen in person are great looking. One day when I get my money right I need to get fillers, drip lip, and like the rad. hold down. Seems like you have parts that have us covered from front to back and everything in-between. Wonder what cool products you will come up with next.