Spoolfool's all new spoiler give away photo contest!


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Time to have some FUN!

Sales of my new, one and three piece spoilers will be starting April 1st 2015 (April Spoolfool's day).:bucktooth:
Here's what will be given away. Your choice of my new one or three piece, rear Grand National spoilers.

Here's a link to my vendor section, where you can find all the details on this product (Pics, video, feedback, prices, etc.)

This thread is just for the contest and to post up contest photos.:) At least until the T6P clowns get on here.:eek::D

Contest rules:
Submit a photo or video here, that includes the above shown "Fun Meter". That's basically it.
Where to get a Fun Meter? When you order anything from myself or Kirban's performance, (doesn't have to be my products) http://www.kirbanperformance.com/ ask him to throw a Fun Meter in the box too. They will be giving them away at their big open house next month. I'm sure that Dennis can post a link to it here.

Photo or video can be funny, happy, sad, cool, or whatever. It MUST be in good taste and not endanger anyone. Contest will end when we run out of fun meters (we have hundreds);).

Oh yea! My pictures don't count.:D

Thanks for all the support. Have fun and Happy spooling.

Mike Barnard
I'll post an example.
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As long as Ty ain't wearing his sheep costume, or Ronnie isn't in his diaper, or Paulie isn't playing the squid lover he is, I'll see about posting a pic that won't offend anyone.:ROFLMAO:
Kirban Update:

As one of Spoolfools major sellers we have the Fun Meters in stock. Simply request one when you order. Our Spring Open House in April 18th 9 til 3 pm rain or shine. Chef Russ and Nancy prepare a brunch for all that come. Several events planned. Including a no reserve auction. Guests coming include Richard Clark, and for the first time Nick Micale from Arizona.

We have one of each spoilers in stock and Mike is sending us some with our next order. Quality is top notch. Meaning no different than the fillers he has produced.

Fit and finish is top notch unlike how Buick aligned your trunk lid with your rear quarter panels!

By April I suspect the snow in our area will be melted. Other issue is the several hundred thousand pot holes and craters in
the roads in our area.

I believe I had the first fun meter photo op from BG 2014! This was at dinner and I believe the first round was on spoolfool - Good time!

fun meter 1.jpg
This thing is still wide open for someone to win a new one piece rear spoiler. Right now, it looks like the waitress from Bowling Green may be getting a new spoiler to go on her Honda.:eek:

And who was that mystery surfer, tearing up the South Side of the Huntington Beach Pier today?:rolleyes:

Come on guys! I know you chumps got some ideas for a cool shot.
Is this still going on Mike? if so i need a funmeter! Actually, i need a fun meter regardless, but a 1-piece spoiler would be righteous too!
I totally dropped the ball on this thing. Send (PM) me your address, I'll shoot one out to you. I'll choose a winner the end of this month. That'll give some of these slackers more time to get something posted up. :wtf:

Here's a crappy one from two days ago, at Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Canitna, in Cabo San Lucas.:D

Post em up...

Kirban's and Highway Stars has fun meters to give away too. ;)

Mike Barnard
One week left in this contest.:)

I also, have tickets to see the same Canadian band next Thursday. Let me know how they do.
They were incredible. Worked their way from the new work to the old. They even changed out their amps through the night so that the equipment matched what they recorded the album with. Worth every penny and I wish that it didn't end. I only regret not selling my tickets to purchase closer seats with! Enjoy the show Mike, and don't have your batteries die before "2112" comes on, or in my case, like 10 minutes after i snapped the ticket photo!