Spoolfool's all new spoiler give away photo contest!

Fun Meter.jpg
Okay, now it's time for my Buick-related post. :D

Sometimes, your fun meter isn't always at it's max , especially mine, after looking into an empty engine bay for the past 9 months.


But my meter has followed me around, as I try to feed it as much fun as possible. Today, I fed it small things, especially now that I just got that belt sander yesterday.... *COUGH*http://www.turbobuick.com/forums/threads/my-30-00-billet-ish-alternator.336588/*COUGH*

Other times, it will get fed a much bigger hunk of meat, making it happier.

There was even the time i took it on a field trip to find what it really wants, and what it will be finally getting, in a few weeks time! (not pictured: Aluminum heads, rockers, cam, pistons, and hysterical laughing)


That made the fun meter REEEALLY happy. Although, it also fancies that big aluminum V8 in the background as well.

Not sure how, or why I made it into some convoluted children's short story, but now i'm kind of glad i did.

I dont need a spoiler but I was going to post a picture....the wife put the stops to that idea....I think Ty or Ronnie creeped her out. No more pics of the bolt-ons. :(

My meter is not in the fun zone right now with the car either. Been down since July 3rd with Powermaster issues....

Last call!
Will choose in 45 minutes. 6:00 PM Pacific time.
Thanks for all who took the time to play. There were some very cool pics.

In the end, I really enjoyed seeing everyone's idea of "FUN". Life is what we make of it. Live isn't always "Fun". I feel that we need to do our best to fully enjoy this gift of life while we can. I hope that I've spread some fun by doing this contest. We may need to do it again sometime.;)

And, the contest winner of a new Spoolfool 1 or 3 piece (your choice) spoiler is...
Tori. Post #12
Carving the corners at a buck forty six, at Laguna Sega raceway.
PM me your address and which spoiler you want, and I'll get it out this week.

And, yes! I do want you to post up the video, if possible.

Thanks for the support everyone and Happy spooling.:)

Mike Barnard
Spoolfool Productions
Well-deserved win! Always wanted to take my bike out there for a track day!

I've spent some time up there, while working on a "high profile" job, just across the street ;). I may have left some rubber there too.:D

WoooooHOOOO !!!

This is awesome Mike! Thank you very much for considering my submission. I need a fresh spoiler too, as mine has a big'ole chip out of it in the paint and will cost as much to strip as it will just to replace !
I know that i've already won, but i've had this decal on my car since Bates. Put it on there at the show for the fun of it, and have forgotten about it.....

Anyway, I had fun making that pic. Got to ride Laguna for 2 days a few months back. That is turn one, its absolutely insane going thru T1. You're flat out trying to hold the throttle on and not lift. It's a blind corner/rise that kinks down to the left after the rise. The bike gets all kind of upset at the transition, the back tire feels like it comes off the ground at times !!!

We were also at WSBK this year for the races. We have a camp spot right on the track between T5-T6 Gone there every year since 2003
Congrats on posting the best pic. Unfortunately, you had 24 hours to claim your prize. It's now been almost 24 hours and 30 minutes. :eek:

However, we might be able to over look that half an hour, if you posted up some video of that run.:D
Alright.... it's true. Bribery will get you everywhere. ;)

This video i made for my friend Martin, it's of us playing and passing back and forth. Not exactly clean, fast laps, but it'll show you around the track.