Spoolfool's all new spoiler give away photo contest!

That is truly BAD ASS!

I've never been so excited to be staring at some dudes ass.:D Nice job.
Advanced group? Never been to laguna, been to alot of different tracks. Should be doing button next month. I was going to go this month but I'm going to hold off.
Yes. A group. What do you ride. I'd be happy to meet with you at Buttonwillow next month. I'm supposed to be there this coming weekend for a race.
I ride advanced. I was a coach for awhile but work has prevented me from continuing that. I ride a 600rr on the track. Sometimes I ride my 2009 gsrx1000 but not as often. The 600rr is old and after playing on my 1k I see some serious geometry issues on the 600 but I'm not going to put money into it to correct it. Anyways I'll hit you up if and when I go.
That's great, we'd probably have a good time together. What provider did you ride for ? I was wanting/trying to start control riding for MotoYard...
When tracktactics was around I road for them. After they went under I was working with Greg for alittle while but couldn't fully commit as I work a lot. Maybe in a few years I'll get back into it where I can help again
Hi Mike, the spoiler arrived safe and sound on thursday. Didn't have a chance to thank you since then..... had to take my SpoolFool Fun Meter back to the track to see if it still worked.... I'll share a vid soon. ;)

The filler looks amazing, your typical top shelf quality ! You rock !!!! :notworthy:
Can't wait to see the video. Post it up here when you can. :)
Here ya go Mike. This was the start of my second race. I had two guys next to me that were 10 seconds per lap quicker than me, so i really had no chance. I had a decent start and by that i mean, i didn't blow it. Didn't bog, and didn't wheelie. It could have been better, but i'm new at this and not blowing it is a win for me. I let him by into the first turn cause i knew he'd be around me in no time anyhow, ......... no reason to take the risk of being first into the corner. (but in hindsight, i should have taken him..... ;) ) Because i was so generous to him, that blew my drive out of the next corner and the other fast guy had no trouble going past. You quickly see how much faster they are......... anyway, i let the vid run for the first full lap for ya.

Cheers !
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I think I saw about a buck seventy on that straight away. You're getting into Bonneville territory there.:)
Tori, you didn't "Win" the prize. You earned it.;)

Anyone else want to post up a pic or video for fun (fun meter or not), post em up of what you're idea of fun is.
Lets keep this thing going.

I may still have a few Spoolfool T-shirts to get rid of. ;)
UHHHHH, Thanks guys, i'm really kind of embarrassed to post these videos because there are so many riding errors, maybe i'm just a perfectionist, but there's lots of room for improvement. And truth be told, the speedo isn't accurate, the bike has been regeared....... so that 170 is probably a solid 155ish. Going fast is easy, but knowing you have to turn at the end is what raises the hairs. I had a lap where i did a stoppie at the end of that long straight. There is a bump that would kick me out of the seat every lap, this particular lap i hit the brakes right as it bucked me out of the seat which lightened up the ass-end,......... next thing i know the ass end is off the ground....... :wtf: :dead:
Would love to race but my bike is a turd and I need to lose some weight to be competitive again. Then again I work all month only having two days off. Fml right now. Maybe in a year or so
Would love to race but my bike is a turd and I need to lose some weight to be competitive again. Then again I work all month only having two days off. Fml right now. Maybe in a year or so

Have you run BW CCW in this race config ? The back straight is so fucking long and fast it blows my mind. I had to regear the bike as my normal 47T rear was too low and i was topped out going down the back. It NEVER ends. and then you have to turn. Plus bumps. LOL it's nutz !
I've run it ccw but with lost hill. Never run ccw or cw using the drag strip. That's a long ass straight and I could hear your bike needing another gear using that section. The hill is a fun part and should be used both directions imop
I agree, Greg chose this config to be different. AFM uses Phil Hill. If i run this config. again, i'll drop another tooth in the rear. I just didn't have a smaller sprocket with me.