Spoolfool New product contest. This week only.

Go see our new Magnetic quarter panel protectors in the New product section.

To kick this thing off, I wanted to have some fun. Imagine that...:D

This weekend, I was looking for an excuse to do a John Force burn out with my new drag radials, I totally geeked out and tried to see what the best thing to coat these with would be, to not have rubber stick.
These were my four wild guesses as to what would be best. In no particular order.

I'm sure there's lots of other stuff I could have used. I'd like to hear other people's results.
As for this contest. You must guess, in order, from best to worst, the four house hold products I chose. The two people who Guess correctly will each receive a free set of these. Contest ends next weekend. One guess per person. Guesses must be posted here in this thread.

Closing shot from today's R@D session.:D

Happy spooling.
Mike Barnard
Spoolfool Productions
Best to worst:
Silicone lube, rain x, wd40, wax.
Rainx, wax, wd-40, silicon lube. I just figure the easiest one to start with would have been the rainx cause it's just a small area, if I would have started with wax, I would have felt obligated to wax the rest of the car so that would have been second, then after that didn't work so well I would have gotten past the looks part and just tried the wd-40 and after that didn't work I would have figured the gloves are coming off and would have used the random can of silicone lube dripping off the quarter panels.

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I should have done peanut butter. After a day at the track, just leave your car out all night and let the critters lick it clean. :hungover:
I use wd40 to remove rubber from the panels, but I use this to prevent rubber accumulation:


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