Trolled by a C10


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Sep 10, 2012
It was a cold evening and I guess that made everyone feel fast and frisky this night.
While on my way to fill up some E85, I had a Challenger take a run at me as well as a Mazda of some sort. Those were disposed of in short order.

The interesting one came while I was waiting at a red light, first in line. I noticed an early 70s C10 pickup, primer gray, with one dimmed headlight. He turned into the intersection then veered into the right lane. He started slowing; I thought he had broken down or ran out of gas..he stayed in the lane but did not turn off.

When the light turned green, I rolled into the intersection and was expecting to pass the truck. When I got near his rear bumper (me in the middle lane, him in the right) he started accelerating. He was trolling me the whole time! He must have noticed the GN at the light and waited for me thinking he had something to offer!

Side by side, he was revving, trying to goad me into a roll race. I was amused but not really interested. Then the light ahead turned red. I knew he was going to try, so I decided to have some fun. When the light turned green I gave him the hit and let him go ahead. He had some sort of built motor, it sounded good and it was not slow off the line. Once it got far enough ahead and I was able to read the NOS, Speed Shop and 1320 stickers in his back window, that’s when I struck.

I squeezed the throttle and caught up to his driver’s door then floored it. My tires stuck (surprisingly) and I shot ahead fast. In seconds, I had multiple car lengths on him, lesson ended.

When I was ready to turn off, I rolled down my window and gave the guy a thumbs up. He did the same while shaking his head. He realized he had caught the wrong fish.


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Beating up on those poor unsuspecting kids. I Love It. Great Kill, he earned it