TRW lifters


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Jun 6, 2009
I have a set of TRW VL73 lifters that Lawrence Conley sent me back in the early nineties for my old GN.

I never used them.

Does anyone know if they are good lifters, equivalent to GM's lifters?

Worth using to quieten down my 206/206 cam and Comp Cam lifters?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Do they have the hardened Stellite Foot on them?
Post a pic if you can. They may be good & may be nothing special.
What did they cost back then? That will help.
They are much better than most lifters available today. (read NOT Chinese) They will work great. BUT.....Save them for a new flat tappet cam. I wouldn't ruin them on a used Comp cam. CHeck pre-load carefully to determine the source of the noise, first. If they are going flat, a new lifter wont help.
Thanks for the replies.

Here are some photos of the lifters.

I will pull the rocker covers and check things out. (what should I be checking for and how?) I wouldn't want to waste them if they aren't needed.

The car just has a noisy valvetrain. It is annoying but it runs very well, no misses, pops, bangs or things that I would associate with a lobe going off.

Oil pressure is lower than I would want but I am sure my gauge (VDO in a GNX style dash) is off, if it is anything like the water temp gauge which, according to Scanmaster is about 50 degrees low). Going to fit a mech oil gauge just to check it out. I guess a mech oil gauge won't fit in an AVC GNX dash due to clearance issue with that plastic plate behind the dash?

Thanks for any advice.



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