TTA Brakes

1987 GN

May 25, 2001
Ok, you may have seen my questions under the general TB Tech area about what the problems are with the Powermaster brakes. I have heard about converting to vacuum but this supposedly causes problems in that you have no brakes while under boost or with a real lumpy idle you have none either. What is the braking system on the TTA? I have heard how good it is and I wondered how it works and if it is adaptable to my GN? Any help you may provide is appreciated. Thanks.
Its just the standard 1LE Vacumn brakes that came on the 1LE V8 Cars. I havent had any problems with mine. I always go full boost and then jump on the brakes...
You can do the conversion fairly easily. Can get the parts from a donor V8 Regal, Cutlas, or Monte Carlo. Need the booster, mastercylinder, and the brake pedal assembly. There's a tech article on how to do this on the site. I've also seen ads in Hot Rod mag I think that sell brake conversions, and the GN/TR is one of them, but probably very expensive. Lots cheaper to find the pedal and booster in a junk yard and then buy a new mastercylinder for $30. Make sure you have a oneway check valve on the vac line.