Tta Cas V4r Ic

Red Canyonero

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May 24, 2001
We had a thread about this earlier, so I figured I'd put some pictures up of the intercooler I finally got.

The first couple pics are from Mike, and the last 3 are mine. I wanted to see a comparison to stock, as well as see if the design of the CAS IC has changed at all. Mine looks slightly different. I thought the scoop was nifty.

I'll see how it fits this weekend.

Brian Green

There are the rest of the pics.

I don't run a swaybar so I taped up the sides on the scoop. It actually gives you more ground clearence that the stock one. I wish the opening was larger.
I waited over 6 months for mine, if your interested in buying it send me an email. I cant remember the exact price I paid, I think it was 780 or 840 I dont remember... somewhere in there.
tta 89

my friend wants your ic if u still have it email me a phone # to contact you about it

george benson
New Idea..?

We purchased a CAS front mount for the TTA for our first Camaro/Buick Driveline conversion. IT worked out very nice had to extend the tubes just a bit but overall a nice fit and look.

Our second conversion we decided to take two stock GN IC's and put them together. 3"inlet/outlet that sit's where your rebar would go. I'm not sure if it would work very well with the TTA being that there is no air coming in through the bumper cover. The intercooler we put together cools more effecently than the CAS and cost 400.00 total. It's not a novice job. Lot's of fitting and cutting up of the car to fit 3" pipe from turbo to IC and then to the throttle body. After a pass we recorded 150+ at the turbo and 85deg at the Throttle body.

I like the stock location pic's you posted too!!
Power Concepts,Inc. :D
well i redid the tta ic scoop on the intercooler that i got from tta89
the scoop measured 13x3 which is 39 square in. and the new one is 27x3.75 which is 101.25 square in. thats a 62 square in. difference should help alot cause the scoop they give is smaller then the stock tta one
Great then I assume you got the IC ;) I was hoping it would arrive on time.

Take some pics, Id like to see how the new scoop looks! The one provided sucked.