TTA items

Pace 1989

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Aug 10, 2001
Sold my TTA a few years ago and just cleaning out the garage.
-2 Chiltons, The Service Manual, and the TTA supplement, like to sell as a set because I don't have any 3rd gen anymore.
-Left side headlamp motor, new. Still in GM box, never opened. (I had a problem with my headlamps and found out it wasn't the motor after I bought a set).
-Left side headlamp motor, used. I put the new one in my TTA, and it wasn't the problem. I cut off the pigtail on this one to see if it was good and lost the end of the pigtail. It's used but it works, I have installed the derlin bushings in this one.
-Headlamp module, used. Bought it on ebay when I had my TTA and it didn't fix the problem.
-Set of TTA floormats, have the "turbo six" logo on them, the passenger side has a crease in it from sitting folded so long.

Anyone interested in any of these parts?

If dalton doesn't take the set and you are willing to split up the manuals, I will take the regular service manual. I already have the TTA one so..

Thanks Jason