TTA Roller For Sale


Nov 20, 2010
Car has had three 1 /4 mile “dial in” passes since build. Everything mentioned below is new with build unless otherwise stated. Car has and is being stored in heated garage. End of offer For Sale is Dec 31 Car would only be available to ship or pick up late the week of January 26 due to business travel.

Paint is not perfect (original), there are typical small rock chips (54K miles is showing on odometer, believed to be correct). No dent or rust repairs that I can find. Paint is believed to be original and shows orange peel typical of the day. Front facia may have been replaced and or painted, paint is a little different shade (I didn't notice but a skilled eye brought that to my attention). Rear spoiler was replaced with aftermarket. New front air dam. Underside/chassis is very clean.

Rear is a GM/Moser 12 bolt (spool/axles/3.73), powder coated. T/A bearing support cover w/machined ARP fasteners (bolt head flange was too large to fit counterbores in cover so I machined bolt heads to fit, typical of the build attention to detail, machining and fabrication). Strange Engineering yoke and billet U-joint caps. QA1 adjustable coilovers.

Spohn tubular K-member, Spohn rear suspension, torque arm and cross-member w/integral driveshaft loop. Driveshaft Shop driveshaft w/Spicer 1350 joints and Strange billet trans yoke. Fabricated frame connectors.

Ed Quay steering shaft and manual steering box with correct pittman and idler arms. Lakewood 90-10 front struts.

Aerospace Component disc brakes with Earl's flex lines. Hurst line lock with Moroso switch. Ed Quay master cylinder and billet adapter that uses stock firewall mounting. Ed Quay modified brake pedal to suit master cylinder.

Fabricated aluminum gas tank w/sump (uses stock fill door). External Aeromotive fuel pump w/Racetronix "hotwire", Earls -12 from tank to pump w/Earl's pre-filter, -10 from pump. All connected with Earls Ano-Tuff fittings and braided lines.

CrMo roll bar, custom fabricated and TIG welded. New carpet with seams sewn around cut outs for roll bar. New headliner. New front seat covers, rears are original (excellent). Hurst ratchet shifter (shaved for clearance to fit in console) w/Dedenbear trans-brake button. Re-sewn shifter boot to fit shifter and console.

FAST XFI 2.0 ECU with version 2.01 software. Casper's wiring harness. Stock ignition w/MSD wires. ECU has a start/baseline tune by a knowledgeable TSM class drag racer. Turbo boost is controlled by CO2 over blow off valve.

Turbo piping (hot and cold sides) was custom fabricated and TIG welded. Cold side piping is aluminum, powder coated "chassis black". Custom fabricated intercooler (air-to-air) to fit/mount in place of AC condenser. Intercooler piping is routed through air dam (new). Hot side piping is stainless steel and has had Swain Tech thermal barrier coating applied to keep underhood temps down. Down pipe is 3" and V-band flanged so that down pipe could be removed without jacking up motor. Turbo Smart 60mm waste gate (vents to atmosphere) and 50mm blow off valve.

Car comes with Weld Draglites (not shown); 15X8 rear, 15X4 front, Hoosier drag radial rear 275X60X15 (3 passes/40 miles), Moroso DS2 front 185X75X15 (0 passes/0 miles).

Weld Magnum wheels (in photo) available at extra cost; 15X10 rear, 15X4 front. M&H Racemaster tires; rear drag radial 275X60X15, front 185X75X15 (3 passes).

Scaled, aligned, pinion angle and ride height set.
3,052# w/engine and transmission, wet, no driver

What car doesn't have now:
air conditioning
(above holes in firewall were filled)
power seats
power hatch latch
engine oil cooler
power steering



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Thanks for the compliment. You want to buy it or sell me a motor? I'm interested in either.
Possibly trade you a built diesel for it. As it is in pic


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Richard Clark built mine. And he has another one of mine building at the moment here's one of them going in my Gn when it gets out of paint.


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