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I am trying to help a guy out in the parts wanted section,He is looking to convert to the TTA style VSS and needs a sensor.

Does anyone have their transmission out,He needs a picture or something,can anyone tell me the part # off of the VSS.I had to get one because mine was broken where it plugged in.

I used one off of a Cadillac FWD ,No idea what year or anything,I just knew it would work,same thing.

It's kind of hard for him to go looking 4 the part when he has no idea what it looks like.

Hope Someone can help,
Here is what I used - Pontiac said it was discontinued so I got Borg Warner part# S8051.Hope that helps



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back from the dead...

Is it just me, or does this part seem oddly shaped, compared to the stock 30 tooth drive speedo gear & sleeve? Does this go right into any 200-4R? I am looking at 3 different 200-4R driven gears w/ sleeves (both production plastic sleeves & Delco metal ones) and that part looks "stubby" like it is meant for a different tranny.


How are you guys seeing this? I get a screen saying I don't have permission to access that page.