TType doesnt like Thrasher chip?? But likes Joe L's??



Hi guys...I know Thrashers are picky, but...just a quick question.

Ever since I got my ttype, Ive been running a Joe Lubrant 20* street chip, and the car idles great, runs great, etc. But, with crappy 91 octane gas, it knocks even at 14psi of boost. So, I try my thrasher 92 18* chip and it used to idle like crap, hesitate, etc. After finding out the car was missing a MAF screen, and taking care of that, I finally got around to trying the thrasher again today. Car idles pretty good, IAC counts are low 30s when the cars idling, hot, in park. However, I was kinda messing around today, and blipped the throttle a few times real quickly, and the car sputtered and hesitated. Almost sounds like a miss, but I have new plugs, wires, coilpack, etc. But, just driving, its fine, good throttle response, 16psi of boost it runs great through the gears. Just idling in PARK Ill rev it a few times (no, I dont usually do this) and it will miss, or stumble, almost want to pop or backfire?? Im kinda confused about it and was just wondering if anyone knows what this may be.

FYI, the car is damn near stock. It has a FP, hotwire, smashed 233 regulator (44-45psi of fuel), Thrasher 92 chip, K&N, free mods. New plugs, 02, CP, trans fluid, EGR gasket, bla bla. Its in decent tune to my knowledge. Any help is appreciated. And Joe L or Jim Testa, I will be sending a chip out for reprogramming, I cant run 20* of timing with this crap gas! :) Thanks guys.

PS- what would cause the car to run REAL rich. I mean at WOT in 1st and second gear, I was getting recalls on the SM of 850s or more!!!! After some playing with the boost level today, its down to 830s at WOT through 3rd gear, with 1.2KR at like 75mph. Any thoughts?? THANK YOU
My 2 cents worth... I would do the usual checks. Exhaust manifold leaks, vacuum leaks and MAF tap test. Then I would reset the IAC and TPS with the Thrasher chip installed and see if that makes any difference. I am ASSuming you are running stock injectors. An adjustable regulator would make things a lot easier to deal with :) There are some cheap ones out there that will do a better job than the crushed stock one.
I would say that the 1.2 KR is acceptable for street trim and you could up the boost a bit more. Keep your eye on the KR and make sure you don't go above 4.0 Some like to tune for 0 KR but that is usually in race trim.

An exhaust leak or manifold crack would cause a rich reading.