Tune for quick spool up?



I've heard it all....run less timing, more timing, leaner, richer....what's the deal? :confused: I've gone to a tigher converter and it has hurt spool up (although the car is running faster). I know the combo has a lot to do with this, but right now I can't afford to change anything in the combo that could be a problem. Any thoughts? Thanks!
There are many ways to do it. What type of engine management are you running (FAST, dfi,...)?

Pulling timing out lets more fuel burn in the headers increasing exhaust temp, in turn spooling the turbo quicker. The best way to do it is with a nitrous timing retard box. When you are staging the car activate the timing retard with a button. If you have a trans brake, wire it to the timing retard so when you are on the brake it pulls timing out. Leaning the motor out does the same thing, but is only usefull on a race car that never see's a load at lower rpm. There is a fine line in getting a combination that will spool the turbo and still get the rpm you want to leave at.

Hope this helps
I have Speed Pro. Someone told me to wire up the nitrous wire off the SP to the brake and use it to pull timing while on the brake. He said the nos part of the SP (which I've never even been into) has a timing retard that'll work. Of course I thought why not just take out timing in the timing map at the rpms I'm on the trans brake....~2600-4000?

I try to foot brake the car and get boost....but I've prolly never gotten more than 1-2 psi @ ~ 2600 rpm. Then I hit the t brake and it slowly spools to 4000 2 step. Some said I needed more foot brake boost/rpm. I got better front brakes....didn't help lol. I've heard people say a turbo spools faster with the motor on the 2 step. But if I set my 2 step rpm lower, the car doesn't seem to 60' as well. I say seem because I've been fighting traction problems so it's been kind hard to get this thing figured as to exactly what it wants out of the hole. This motor is 347 ci with a Turbonetics T76 Q trim. I've got it set for 15 psi in 1st, 17 in 2nd. But even luanching @ 4200 I haven't got full boost....anywhere from 10-13. I thought it'd make full boost for sure by 3600-4000. :confused:

The good thing is it spools pretty quick on the street. Seems like it'd do better from a roll than it will on the trans brake. Maybe I just need a clutchless 5 speed to build boost mega quick :D