tuning combos with T+ and Extender


Dec 15, 2001
Hey everyone, I just installed my newly purchased Translator+ with 3" LT1 MAF and extender chip. I was wondering how's the best way to run this set-up, what I'm lookin' for is improved mpg's and more power. The Extender chip is set up for 100 octane or alky injection, with 23/21 timing. I run 93 octane with denatured alky.
My thinking is that I can set the turbo to 23-25psi, and set the SMC alky on pump speed 10. Then with the T+, advance timing as much as possible without knocking. Since I have alcohol injection and this chip is set for 100 octane, I was thinking of having a low base timing, then advance it at WOT. Tonight I had the timing retarded 10° base and advanced 4° WOT, but I was still getting a little bit of knock. This was only 21psi. Not sure what the deal is, but I think my car hates timing.
So what are the tricks for improved gas mileage? Low timing and lean setting? Or is more timing better during cruising for less effort accelerating up to speed? Thanks for hearing me out.

My mods:
Mease DP, open dump
RJC PowerPlate
I have the regular parts such as fuel pump, hot-wire kit, adj. fpr, ScanMaster, boost gauge, knock gauge, 160° t-stat, MAF pipe, etc.
Where is your knock occurring? With your settings now you have -10 from idle-3500 RPM and -6 from 3500 and up. Is you alcohol kicking in after you see the knock.

Normally in my car (no alcohol) I ran my Extender +4 base and -6 WOT. I liked the snappier throttle down low and needed to back off the timing slightly at WOT
Sorry, I typed out a long post, then decided to cut parts out cause it was too long. But it appears that the knock comes on quickly, and by the time the ScanMaster registers, no knock retard is present. So I think it's knocking before the alky sprays. But with 10° retarded?! And about 21psi. But the knock is so early it occurs before max set boost.
There are so many members on this board with Trans+'s, and I'm sure people don't just leave everything on default settings. Does everyone just look in general Buick chat and skip this section?
Does it only knock while the tires are spinning on accel? Mine and others I know of do that. False knock that acts like traction control! I just ignore it and instead look for what I know is real knock, out in 3rd gear at WOT.

Regardless, I think leaving the base timing alone is the way to go. Too much retard on the base setting will affect the idle, driveability, and fuel economy in the negative direction.