Tuning with MAx Effort ?


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My Max Effort for 55# injectors is in the mail, What do I have to know or do in order to tune the car properly?

For nearly 5 years I have used thrashers (the most idiot proof chip on the market) and now I'm going to do some big tuning.

What do I do about boost control? Does the ME control the wastegate solenoid?

How long does it take to typically dial a car in? The 1/8th and 1/4 miles are open 3 nights a week and all weekend long down here so I'll have lots of oportunities.

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You'll have to control the boost your self (relief, bleeder etc...) the ME chip doesn't do it. I just ordered on for my car...e-mail Steve, wonderful guy to deal with. maxfrt1@usol.com
I use the Boost Commander. I just bought a kit from Caspers that uses 2 solenoids to control the boost instead of one. One only has a sweep of 4-5 psig. Not enough for me. I like it cause it scales the boost in 3rd gear. You have to wire it independently from the computer though. I have not yet done the wiring cause I have not yet put in the ME chip.
If ya want big time boost control, Innovative Turbo Systems makes a completely tunable. with boost feedback, controller. Can control boost in each gear. Jack Cotton sell 'em, or you can get them direct from ITS.
OBTW, three night a week??? You suck. J/K. ERIC.:cool:
I use the grainger valve. The ME has more functions than what you'll play with for a while so don't jump into changing all the settings. You can always reset it to the default values by disconnecting power.
For RACING all you need to worry about are 3 things:
1. 0-4000 Power enrichment Mode
2. Spoolup Curve
3.Wide Open Throttle Fuel Curve

For the most part everthing else is for fine tuning minor parameters for driving, etc..

Item's 1 & 2 you will change by using the "key on/engine OFF with AC on/off" method.

#3 is the thumbwheel position while the engine is running. While the engine is running, thumbwheel postions 1-7 use the STREET TIMING while positions 8-F use RACE TIMING.

*I recommend setting the TPS/IAC exactly as Steve says to do. I didn't and it made some readings a bit weird.

I just now ordered Direct Scan so I can see what the engine is doing a bit better.

Have fun...
Injectors arrived today and Tomorrow I'm sending my ECM to Red Armstrong for modding. I'm going to find time in the next two weeks to finish my 12" brake swap, pull my motor to swap heads and timing chain, stick it back in and fire it up. I'm guessing my wife isn't going to like me this month.
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I'm guessing my wife isn't going to like me this month.

Hehehe, I know that feeling ;) . Let her drive it a couple times when you are done with it and you'll be back in the good books :D