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Jul 28, 2018
Does anyone have any tips on tuning the old grey fast box? It will show 2 old tunes on computer but will not transfer into the car. The car will only start and idle
Appreciate any recommendations or advice
the box only can hold one tune and computer files are on the computer ,
the gct.file and the system in ecu stays there until written over even when powered off
make sure you are using ccom WP 1.020 for the gray box , if you dont have you can get from fualairspark.com
the program has a user manual in the program under HELP. contents

key on , connect and goto file >save current just because
while connected live you can view the basics like tps , map sensor ,rpm , temps, battery volts , afr and a lot more by opening view> dashboard
tps needs to be around 13 at idle and should change with pedal applied to near 100% but not go red on digits
air temp and coolant temp if car hasnt been run for a while should show about the same and be around the ambient air temp
after start the air temp cand coolant temp should rise
map should show around 100 KPA ( 0 psi) key on engine off and should drop to around 40kpa or so idling
iac should be around 20-30 same as any other chip buick

the ccom program comes with some gct files and the ones you are seeing may have noting to do with you engine configuration and idle only may nothing to do with the program and may be the sensor on the motor
to load files goto files>read and youll see a browser window pop up , click on a gct file to load in , if the file is for newer fast versions like xfi they wont load and if it was for anything other than a turbo buick the program wont function correctly

if all the above is too much Norbs (David) might be able to help ..he hasnt been here lately but my be on facebook
from his sig "If you can't reach me here send me a DM at Norbs David on FB."