Turbo apperance, mods (exhaust side)


May 25, 2001
I have a new LE gt-61 coming, what can be done to the exhaust side to keep from haveing
it rust. Are the jet hot coatings holding up. Anything i can do my self. thanks
About 10 months ago I painted the exhaust side of mine with POR-15's cast gray high temp maniford stuff and so far it still looks great. I spend most of my time on the street and prob only have 3500 miles or so on it, but a few long trips, one to VA, so I have built some heat on it. I'm not too sure how it would last on a car that sees 25 psi on race gas every weekend.
Sorry for the delay, I'll get some tomorrow and send them your way. I'll also check the can and see what it says as far as temps.