turbo boost problem


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Nov 2, 2005
Sold a te 44 to a super nice guy and he can only get 5 lbs. of boost out it. He put his back on and it spooled perfectly so we know nothing is wrong with his setup. I was able to get 26 lbs. out of it. My brother sent it to him and it was packaged very poorly. I am afraid it was damaged during shipping. Nothing is wrong with it on the outside. Any ideas what could be wrong with it? I want to make it right for the buyer because he has been very understanding. Thanks!
Pretty simple explanation.

The wastegate hole in the exhaust housing is too big for his combo. Your downpipe probably has a larger puck, or you are running a external gate, and his puck is too small and not closing the hole to make boost.

He needs to measure the wastegate hole in the exhaust housing, if the hole is LARGER than his puck, thats the reason for low boost.