Turbo Buick Powered Show Car: 1989 Iroc Z $22995


1989 Camaro Iroc-Z.

-Featured twice in "Turbo & High Tech performance" and "The Best of Turbo & High-Tech Performance" magazine.
-Featured in "My Classic Car" introducing Dennis Gage at the Pocono Camaro Nationals.
- A relatively new article (dated 8/8/2014) was wrote by BangShift.com.

The car was born in 1989 as a hardtop with a 5.7L Tpi engine. In the early 90's, the conversion was made with all 1989 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans-Am powerplant. Later the 700R4 transmission was swapped for a built BRF coded 200-4R.

The body and interior have 42,000 original miles. 99% is just about original including the paint and factory leather interior. The current engine was completely overhauled and modified less than 1000 miles ago. The car is 100% turn key and starts and idles as if it just came off the show room floor. Everything works as it should including cold a/c, power closing hatch, speedometer, aldl plug, etc. The pictures speak for them self, and yes you can eat off the under carriage of this car.

Modifications include:

* .030 bored 109 block w/ steel main caps.
* Forged pistons
* TTA crossdrilled crankshaft
* Balanced bottom & top end assembly.
* 206/206 Comp Cam
* Comp Cam double roller timing chain, lfters, etc.
* TTA heads: ported, polished, 1.77 intake valves
* Port-matched intake & headers
* New GM front cover w/ high volume oil pump
* All Arp fasteners
* etc, etc, etc.

Aftermarket Bolt-On's

* Ported/Polished turbo with large mouth bell
* Adjustable wastegate actuator
* 3" polished Maf cold air intake with 9" cone filter
* 3" polished Intercooler pipe
* Bosch HP inline fuel pump w/ hotwire kit
* Billet adjustable fuel regulator
* 30# green stripe injectors
* Caspers 8-position thumb wheel chip
* Magnaflow stainless catback w/ fender dump
* Msd 8mm plug wires

* High output chrome alternator
* K&N breathers
* 160 Thermostat
* Billet vacuum block
* In car boost controller

Transmission/Suspension Upgrades:

* Fully built BRF code transmission
* High performance steels/clutches
* Valve body shift kit
* Upgraded servo
* Stageright transbrake
* Over-sized transmission cooler w/ electric fan
* PPC 10" non-lu 2800 stall torque converter
* Mosier 28 spline axles
* 3.45 posi rear w/ Mosier girdled rear cover
* Air lift bags with remote valves
* 6-point roll bar with removable swing out bars
* Optima battery in trunk w/ stainless enclosure
* Linelock
* Russel braided front brake lines
* 2" lowering springs to level front end

Appearance Modifications:

* 18" Chrome Iroc-Z rims with brand new 245/45 tires
* Custom center caps
* Custom "3.8 SFI TURBO" badging
* Custom embroidered "Turbo 6" floor mats
* VDO boost psi gauge
* Metco fuel psi gauge
* 2002 Monsoon CD head unit (f
actory original 5 graph eq included)

Like I stated, this car is mostly original and a conservative 9 - 9.5 out of a 1-10 rating. There is no corrosion, let alone rust. All trim and weatherstripping are even original. There are some very minor scratches and touched up chips but that's what you get for a car that is 25 years old with original paint. Odometer is 100% accurate and currently reads 42,001, however I have seen cars with half the miles that are not half as clean. This car is a show stopper and a attention getter at any event. YES this car is not a factory car like a TTA, however there are over 1500 of them floating around. I can assure you that another Camaro like this will never park next to you or ever attend the car show you are about to win. If you are looking for something unique that NOBODY HAS, acquired 2 magazine articles and featured in "My Classic Car"...this car is for you!


The only trade considered at this time would be this car plus $ towards a clean GNX! No other trades!

Please contact me with any questions. The owner is moving to Florida and selling off his collection. There will also be a fully custom '06 Viper GTS in Viper Blue with a Paxton making around 800 to the wheels.


I like it but at the end of the day it still not a tta,,a true tta with 42000 miles,might get $22k,jmho

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I posted this car "for sale", not for "critiquing if it's worth the money I am asking". If that is how you feel, you have a right to you opinion, however you don't need to share it on my ad. IMHO, the car is priceless considering its one of a kind and you couldn't build something like this for the money I'm asking.
Sale is pending at $22,900.00. Thank you for all interest. If the deal falls through, I will keep all informed.
For sure the car is super sexy and I like it better the a tta,,,but resale value is what in saying... Stock turbo and green stripes=500hp