Turbo Collection


Aug 2, 2002
How many turbos have multiplied in your possesion? It starts with one but they seem to multiply, I had tried to explain to my fiance. Bought 85 Riv engine from junkyard for a project, then bought a nice 85 Riv on ebay to drive and 'learn" how the motor runs, then had to buy an 87 turbo (and the rest of the hardware) to convert to IC, then another 87 turbo to experiment with, so that is 4 in just over a year here.

In your possesion count, include #turbos in car/cars, in garage, basement, buried in back yard, etc.

Just wondering how bad it can get:eek: :D
1. The one on my car now
2. The one on my Cummins pickup
3. The one on the Hotair motor in my '83 S10 Blazer 4x4
4. The Stock one off of my car.
5-10 A handfull of ones I brought home from work becase they are all different frame size of Garetts for possible fabricction products.

The one on my Snowblower
The one on my Lawnmower
The one on my weedeter
The one on my Chainsaw

OK, so the last 4 aren' their, but they should be . :D

How 'bout a count of 109 blocks, RF cranks and 8445 heads in ones possesion too. :)
One on my 87 T (TE-52)
One on my Chevy Turbodiesel
One on my Volvo.
One in my toolbox..

1. Innovative Double ball bearing GT70 on salvageV6 (best turbo ever invented) :D

2. PTE51 on the GN (second best turbo ever invented) :p

3. Stocker from salvageV6

4. Stocker from GN

5. TA62 with custom 3.5" machined inlet bell. Limit Eng. rebuild.
The spare turbo for both cars.
Two four bolt 63's from Opel. One spare (Opel or GN) 63 with 3 bolt. Two 68's on Opel. One 68 as spare. One 61 on GN. One BMF for THE RIV. :eek: 63's are for sale. All are completely rebuilt by PTE.
1. TE64-1 turbo on my GTA
2. stocker on my TTA#124
3. stocker on my TTA#850
4. stocker on my TTA#884
5. stocker on the spare engine I have out of an 87 Turbo-T

I think thats it,I need more :D

One on an 88 Turbo Coupe
One on an 84 SVO w/GN Compressor
And soon one on an 86 T-Type
T-70BB :)
AirResearch T-04B for sale
1 stock hot air turbo (sold)
2 stock GN turbos
2 stock GN turbos needing rebuild (sold)
1 stock hot air turbo trashed ?

One on my 87 GN

One on my 95 Saab (Limit Engineering T-28)

(One on my sold 83 Riv.)

Planning on picking up more Saab core turbos.