Turbo Control Center



Does anyone know if the '78 and '79 versions of the Turbo Control Center (black box) are the same?
Turbo Control

Thanks again Rich,picked up a spare from fellow at a swap meet from a '78 Regal he had a long time ago.Just wondering if it would be kosher with my '79.Is there anyway to check these things off the engine to see if they work?
They are the same, except for the '79 Riviera's, but I presume it just has different length wires.

All the ESC numbers are listed here:
BEFORE BLACK- Knock, Knock

hey quick question i have a turbo control center but 1 of my wires is cliped but the other 2 are fine my question is wat all do the esc hook up 2 as far as the motor goes
because i was told the wire dat is cliped is for a sensor but wat sensor??????